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Contec’s extensive cleanroom product line of presaturated and dry wipes, mops, disinfectants, swabs, and sterile products is ideal for the many cleaning and disinfecting tasks in manufacturing pharmacy



Products for Cleanrooms and Controlled Environments

Contec is a leading manufacturer of contamination control products for critical cleaning in life science cleanroom environments worldwide.  Contec’s cleanroom wipes, mops, and disinfectants are ideal for use in manufacturing and compounding pharmacies. 

Our extensive product line for cleanrooms and critical environments includes:  sterile and non-sterile alcohols and disinfectants, mopping systems and tools, knitted and nonwoven wipes, spill control products and swabs.

Contec pioneered the use of presaturated alcohol wipes for medical device manufacturers in 1992, in 2014 a range of saturate at the point-of use biocide wipes, were launched to meet the transfer disinfection requirements of manufacturing pharmacies and specials manufacturers.

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Innovative, Experienced, Local

Contec has established a cleanroom manufacturing facility and distribution centre in Europe which allows us to locally support our European customers. Contec also has a team of technical specialists and sales representatives based in Europe, these facilities and dedicated team members give Contec the ability to provide local product and technical support. 

With thirty years of experience behind us, we understand the unique cleaning and contamination requirements of highly regulated markets.  Our regional R&D centres allow us to develop products for specific applications in each region.

Continued innovation has led to the introduction of a full range of cleanroom disinfectants which includes a sterile sporicide and a broad spectrum disinfectant.  Samples, demonstrations, and training are always offered free-of-charge.

Explore Our Products

Critical cleaning and contamination control solutions.

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Extensive line of cleanroom wipes designed for even the most critical environments in the world. Products are available with different substrates, edges, configurations, and both sterile and nonsterile processing.

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Mopping Systems

Complete line of floor, wall, and ceiling mopping products for cleanroom environments, including biosafety cabinets and isolators. Many of these products are available sterile.

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Disinfectants & Solutions

Wide range of specially formulated chemicals for the cleaning and disinfecting of sterile and critical environments, including fast-acting validated sporicidal and broad-spectrum disinfectants, hydrogen peroxide solutions, and IPA.

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Specialty Products

Specialized products for your critical cleanroom environment, including cleanroom paper and notebooks, disposable spill control pillows and socks, foam wipes, electrostatic dissipative wipes, and more.

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